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DMA (Direct market access) - is a term used by financial companies to describe the type of order execution. Most of the companies are market-making firms and it leads to conflict of interests between clients and companies. Using DMA, the company is not a market-making firm and it sends all the clients' orders directly to liquidity providers.

Due to our technologies there are more than 10,000 trades per second, which give comfort to traders of any level. Distinguishing feature of our company is that we are client-centered: the more out clients earn, the more our company gets.

Resources of Indigo DMA:

  1. Access to any liquidity provider.
    There are more than 100 liquidity providers with different connection requirements, order processing, jurisdiction and regulation, execution speed and other features.
  2. Liquidity aggregation.
    Connecting several liquidity providers into one bridge allows to minimize spreads. In some cases even positive spread is possibe. This solution requires considerable financial resources and is not suitable for every trader.
  3. Using of any trading system.
    Using services of certain liquidity providers some of them could become more loyal to different trading systems: arbitrage, news trading, high-frequency trading.

Keep in mind our advantage: the more you earn, the more our company gets.

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