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IndigoDMA affiliate program - excellent way to make extra money for a web-master or local representative, and for a trader as well. We offer best conditions for partners of any level.

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We offer multilevel affiliate program of 5 levels. Each client can create his own affiliate hierarchy, which will bring considerable money every day.

Affiliate recompense:

  1. level - 5 USD per 1 lot (100%)
  2. level - 1 USD per 1 lot (20%)
  3. level - 0,5 USD per 1 lot (10%)
  4. level - 0,25 USD per 1 lot (5%)
  5. level - 0,05 USD per 1 lot (1%)

For example, one client invited three traders using his referral link. Those traders invited three new traders each, and so on till the 5th level. Total number of invited traders could be up to 243. In this case, amount of partner's income could be over $5,000 a month.

Advantages of out affiliate program:

  • - We are a client-centered company and are interested in his profit. We are working with DMA model, that's why traders of our company make profit and bring more money to their partners.
  • - We don't set limits to number of registered clients and amount of reward. Partner gets every cent of his share from what his client traded.
  • - Reward is accumulated every hour in real time for every closed order of invited client, regardless of lot volume. Minimum withdrawal amount is only $10.
  • - We offer progressive promotional material and solutions for partners who are involved in traffic arbitrage and are willing to improve conversion and EPC level.
  • - Qualified personnel of our company will give pieces of advice, which will help you to enlarge your affiliate hierarchy and improve customer loyalty level.

We are ready to offer best conditions for those who want to open a representative office in their cities, including reward rise, educational program for personnel, and starter pack of leads for offline sales in the office.

Please, send all the questions considering affiliate program to [email protected]

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