Live contest «Olymp»

Indigo DMA gives traders a chance to demonstrate their trading skills in the live contest "Olymp". Conditions are equal to everybody: all the participants start trading simultaneously with equal deposits. There are 20 prize-winning places, and top 20 traders will get up to $3,000 as investments.

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In order to take part in the contest you should make a $100 deposit to your personal account. Each trader can have unlimited number of contest accounts as long as every account balance is $100.

Contest trading conditions:

  • Initial deposit - $100
  • Leverage - up to 1:100
  • Trading period - 2 weeks

Additional information

  • - There are no restrictions on trading strategies and EA.
  • - Trader can take a prize-winning place only if he has more than $100 on his account;
  • - Traders, who have maximum "Equity" level among the participants at the end of the contest, take prize-winning places.
  • - Investments will be distributed via the company's investment platform within 10 days after results are announced.
  • - Prize fund is distributed between participants with positive profitability only.

Distribution of investments

1 1 place - $3000 as investment

2 2 place - $2000 as investment

3 3 place - $1000 as investment

4 place $500 as investment;
5 place $500 as investment;
6 place $500 as investment;
7 place $400 as investment;
8 place $400 as investment;
9 place $400 as investment;
10 place $300 as investment;
11 place $300 as investment;
12 place $300 as investment;
13 place $200 as investment;
14 place $200 as investment;
15 place $200 as investment;
16 place $100 as investment;
17 place $100 as investment;
18 place $100 as investment;
19 place $100 as investment;
20 place $100 as investment;

It is prohibited to lose more than 30% on the trading account after the investments are distributed. In case this level of drawdown is exceeded, investment will be withdrawn from a trader.

In order to take part in the contest you should authorize at your profile, make a $100 deposit, and confirm participation by clicking the corresponding button. It is possible to leave the contest at any time and the money will be returned to your personal account automatically.

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