Investment insurance

Company offers investment insurance which is supported by the company's reserve fund.

Save invest

Insurance works as following:

  • 1. One trading account is provided out of the public rating for each period of cover - usually, it is one calendar month from the first day till the last day of the month
  • 2. All the investments on this trading account are subject to insurance.
  • 3. Minimum insurance amount is $10, maximum - $50,000. Amount of money more than $50,000 is not a subject to insurance.
  • 4. This service is free for all the verified clients. Maximum amount of compensation can not exceed $50,000 per client.
  • 5. The company covers all the possible expenses in accordance with insurance policy. Payouts are made from the company's reserve fund.
  • 6. In the case of an insured accident a client should fill in the form, sign it and send it to the company's e-mail for official statement ([email protected]).

The company's investment insurance system is a perfect solution to minimize risks and maximize investment profitability.

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