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IndigoDMA is looking for talanted traders and offers financing within its own investment platform. Each trader can get up to $50,000 as investment in his public trading account.

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  • - Client should have at least $100 public trading account with at least 2 weeks of positive trading history. Only accounts with at least 3% profit and less than 30% drawdown level are considered.
  • - The first investment is equal to client's deposit, up to $10,000. The second and further investments depend on clien't trading results.
  • - One client can have unlimited number of trading accounts. Each traging account is considered separately. Trading conditions, including leverage, are chosen by the client himself.
  • - In the event of 30% drawdown on a trading account the company withdraws its investments. Client does not bear pecuniary responsibility in case this level of droawdown occurs.

In order to get investments you should send a request with information about your public trading account to IndigoDMA client support. Funds will be invested within 5 days.

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