Commission-free funding

IndigoDMA has a special offer for those who are planning to make a deposit and start trading on a live account. When making a deposit, every trader is has a right to claim commission compensation on firm.



  • - This offer is available for traders with more than $400 deposit. Maximum deposit amount is not limited.
  • - The company assumes commission of payment systems. If commission is less than 5%, it will be fully refunded. Commission of more than 5% is not refundable.
  • - Client is obliged to trade on currencies at least 1.0 lot. In case of pre-term withdrawal from personal account, the company deducts the commission refunded to the client earlier.

In case to use this offer you should send a request with payment details confirming commission amount to IndigoDMA support. Money will be returned to your personal account within 5 days.

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