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Every IndigoDMA client can become an official regional representative and invite new clients in person. You will advise these clients and help them to open accounts. What's important, you will get all the necessary instruments for the rapid growth in financial industry.

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There are three basic roles for representatives:

1. Agent.

Role of Agent suggests client management without official representative office. Agent is having a right to give clients advice on behalf of the company concerning: account opening, getting an appropriate trader via the investment platform, payments, and taxation.

2. Official representative.

Role of Official representative suggests an official representative office for client management, holding educational seminars, and thematic meetings. This role also comes with exclusive rights for client management on a certain territory.

3. Educational center.

This role suggests a good teacher, trader, or analyst, who can impart knowledge in Internet-trading field to a large group of people. This role is perfect for educational institutions who want to enlarge the list of services they render.

If results of affiliate's work has positive dynamics, and audience is more that 100 listeners, the company can compensate for most of the expenses. Partners who demonstrate good work can get additional funds to open a representative office.

In order to become a regional representative of IndigoDMA, please, contact client support, enclosing brief information about yourself.

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