Account in European bank

European banks, undoubtedly, are the leaders of providing every possible financial service all over the world. The serve as a quality standard.

Europe bank

You can speak about the advantages of having an account in such like financial institution for long. The most important are:

  • - Guarantee of financial funds legal origin;
  • - minimum risks, both political and economic;
  • - account confidentiality;
  • - reliability.

Economic frailty of the country becomes the reason why people need to have bank accounts abroad - in European banks in particular.

Anyone who wants to save his capital can start working with european banks today.

Indigo DMA offers its clients to open current, saving or investment account in any bank in Europe. Account opening takes up to ten days.

In most cases it is possible to open account via the Internet, but several banks require client's personal presence in the bank office.

In order to initiate opening account procedure in any European bank you should prepare a starter pack of the documents. It includes:

  • -scanned copy of your passport and your foreign passport;
  • -scanned document confirming your residential address;
  • -confirmation of financial funds origin;
  • -detailed description of activity on the account

Depending on the bank you chose additional documents and conditions could be required. Still, the documents mentioned above are obligatory.

Speaking about confidentiality it should be mentioned that there's a possibility to get an anonimous settlement card that becomes available when opening a settlement account. Information about the cardholder can not be disclosed and is available to the bank and the issuer only.

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