Infromation for traders

Each trader can become a professional and publish his trading account at our investment platform. This will get him additional reward for every closed order.


Investment platform is based on copy trading system. Trader's signals are copied to investor's account. Trader doesn't have access to investor's money and trades on his account only. Each opened position is copied to investor's account automatically.

Positions are copied in 1:1 ratio. For instance, trader's deposit is $1,000, first investor's capital is $5,000, second investor's capital - $500. When trader opens a position with 0.1 lot, it will be 0.5 lot for $5,000 investor and 0,05 lot for $500 investor correspondingly.

Investor's account connects to trader's account only if there's no opened position on the latter. However, disconnection can be done at any time. Investment account closure is automatic and is processed once an hour.

Trader gets $5 per 1.0 lot copied from his account. Money is transfered to trader's personal account automatically once an hour.

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