Account in offshore bank

Account in off-shore bank lets you to diversify your investments and to protect your assets.
Speaking about offshore banks we recommend the safest and the most reliable financial institutes in the world, which offer their clients the highest level of confidentiality, stability, and safety.

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Note that as a rule you can open offshore account via the Internet. However, there are some banks that require your personal presence.

All the banks we recommend satisfiy high confidentiality requirements, have good reputaion, provide wide range of financial products, and are located in countries with policital and economic stability.

You can get wide range of investment products.
You can open your account in one of the basic currencies - it is profitable and convenient. For instance, you opened euro account and EUR goes higher than USD, you'll have effective gain сoefficient.
Interest rates in offshore banks are considerably higher.
Offshore bank account is not rated.
Debts of any kind, including credit debts, are not taken away from your offshore bank account.
An offshore bank account is indispensable for those who are involved in international business. Many businessmen prefer to make transactions via offshore banks to avoid taxation.
Offshore banks are acting in strict conditions and rigorously follow credit policies. That's why, often, they are more stable than other worldwide known banks.

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