How our investment platform works

Investment platform has transparent working model with fair trading accounts rating in real time. Investor can choose any account and invest in it without any special knowledge of trading.

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Investment platform is based on copy trading system. Trader's signals are copied to investor's account. Trader doesn't have access to investor's money and trades on his account only. Each opened position is copied to investor's account automatically.

Profitability chart is based on "Equity" - current state of trading account with all the opened positions. If drawdown occurs, it is displayed on the chart as descending line. If "Equity" on a trading account goes up, then this movement will be displayed on the chart as positive.

Unlike many other financial companies we do not filter or smooth trading accounts' statistics. Each investor observes every detail on a trading account, even on holidays and days-off. Initial graphic information analysis is very reliable and is used by professional investors at big investment companies.

Minimum investment amount is only $10 and can be invested in any public trading account. In case investor's money is not enough for proper position copying, the company combines such positions in a pool and takes all the risk occurred.

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