How to open demo-account

To open demo trading account go to your dashboard and click on "Open demo account" in the left menu. Input account name, for example "MyDemoAccount".


Input your starting capital, minimum $10, recommended amount at least $1000. Choose leverage from 1 to 100 and click "Create".


You will be automatically redirected to "My accounts"/"Demo accounts". There you can see your new account and loading animation next to it. After that you will get your account number (7 characters number, it is login in Metatrader4 platform), main password (next to account nimber password, it is trading password, allows you to trade on your account), investor password (second one, read only password, you cannot open trades on your account using this password).


After that you can upload trading platform Metatrader4 (in case you didn't do that earlier) and test all trading conditions without taking any risk.


To login to your trading account, run Metatrader4 platform on your PC (tablet, phone) then go "File"/"Login to Trade Account" (the first time Metatrader4 run this dialog window opens automatically), then input your "Login" (account number), "Password" (main password or investor one), choose trading server (for demo accounts use "IndigoDMA-Demo", for live accounts use "IndigoDMA-Live"), and click on "Login" button (if you leave checkbox "Save account information" checked you will not have to input your password each time you run Metatrader4 platform).

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